The value of the Bionic Lens TM, compounds with advancements in other life sciences, such as, nutrition/bio-molecular science, nano-technology, neuro-science, dermatology  and audiology.  Ocumetics envisions a comprehensive Life Enhancement platform  comprising an interdependent coalition of healthcare services and specialized retail outlets that uphold stringent standards of customer service and  professional care under a common banner.  

Ocumetics Technology Corporation is a privately held Canadian company (soon to convert into a publicly traded corporation).  What had begun as a desire to improve outcomes for cataract surgery has progressed to become a sophisticated technological domain with a potential to redefine the eye care industry and fundamentally change the ways that people interact with their visual environments.  


Agreements to establish Centers of Excellence will be offered to professional groups and business communities. email: info@ocumetics.com


First in Canada, then abroad, end users will receive priority status from  select manufacturers and services.  as business operations progress.


Although Ocumetics is expected to register as a publicly traded company in the near future, the intent is to conserve our founding leadership team to pursue a charted course in extablishing Ocumetics as a trusted household name, world-wide. The plan is to minimise share issuances to maximize ruturns for front-line investors. Speculation will inevitably influence stock prices; however, our team remains confident that the intrinsic value of the Bionic Lens will position Ocumetics as a financial refuge amidst uncertainty and market volatility. Inquiries regarding investment opportunities prior to TSX.V registration are advised to connect with our business team at: info@ocumetics.com.


Quality assurance and consumer satisfaction are crucial to the interests of Ocumetics. Centralized control in association with a local pride of ownership is the business configuration by which Ocumetics intends to achieve consistent and exemplary care across international boundaries. Ocumetics will control licensing agreements, group purchasing agreements and promotional campaigns to assist doctors and/or local business communities to prevail as proprietors within a multinational network of independent wellness oriented healthcare centers. Arrangements for these independent healthcare centers are not expectted to be ratified until regulatory approval for the Bionic Lens arrives within any specified jurisdiction. Preliminary discussions within Canada and the USA have begun: inquires by interested parties can be directed to info@ocumetics.com.


For many people, the finalization of the Bionic Lens marks a new and intriguing development in vision correction. For others, it resonates more as an epochal milestone interfacing human conscience with digital images. Regardless of either of these perspectives, the goal for Ocumetics is clear; to continuously strive to ensure that only the best of surgical/diagnostic equipment, in the hands of the most skilled of doctors, will consitute the New Normal in eye care. Establishing a monetary value upon something that is arguably priceless can be perplexing. However, what has emerged in today's complex financial world is an abundance of cash back and loyalty reward programs. Within this landscape, Ocumetics realizes that expenses for eye care and other elective healthcare services can be underwritten in whole or in part by way of cash back incentives negotiated by a central agency on behalf of a collective consumer base.



In early 2021, Ocumetics will be listed as a Publicly Traded Company on the TSX. Interested parties are advised to email: info@ocumetics.com




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