Seeing clearly at all distances without glasses or contact lenses is a goal for many of us, and that goal is fast becoming a reality.

For a half century, ophthalmic surgeons have envisioned an intraocular lens capable of restoring eyesight at all distances. OcumeticsTM Technology Corporation was founded to achieve this goal. Employing state-of-the art materials and production techniques, OcumeticsTM Technology Corporation is in the process of developing a highly advanced intraocular lens, one that is capable of restoring clear vision at all distances, without glasses or contact lenses, and without the visual quality problems that have plagued current accommodative and multifocal intraocular lens designs.

The product of extensive research and development, this intraocular lens is called the Bionic LensTM. The Bionic LensTM is a trademark that applies to a host of patented intraocular lens designs that relate to intraocular lenses having the ability to auto-regulate within the eye allowing it to focus at different ranges - distance, intermediate, near and very near. It is designed to be foldable and insertable through a 2.7 mm incision. Wavefront correction for discrete higher order aberrations that are normally found within the eye can be sculpted into the surface of the Bionic LensTM for further enhanced visual function.

With age, the naturally occurring crystalline lens of the eye undergoes changes that make it cloudier and become a cataract. As a cataract, not only does it cause visual acuity and quality of vision deteriorate, there may also be a release of toxic agents from the cataractous lens into the anterior chamber of the eye.  These substances have the potential to induce glaucoma and damage the endothelial cell layer of the cornea, which is necessary for the cornea to remain clear. The Bionic LensTM  is constructed of inert biocompatible polymeric materials that do not cause such adverse biophysical changes within the eye.

Cataract surgery is the most common and successful procedure in medicine. The Bionic LensTM is currently undergoing clinical testing with the ultimate goal of clinical approval. Ophthalmic surgeons, utilizing standard surgical techniques, augmented by the accuracy of femtosecond lasers and adjunct intraocular techniques, will then be able to implant the the Bionic LensTM  to help patients achieve their visual goals.

The Bionic LensTM: A New Dimension in Sight Enhancement.  

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OcumeticsTM Bionic Lens

The human brain is conditioned to interpret visual information that is initially formatted by the eye’s optical apparatus.  Any disturbance of the exquisite interaction of physics, anatomy and neurophysiology is perceived by the observer as foreign.

OcumeticsTM  Camera Optics preserve this delicate interaction by providing focus and prismatic change coincident with the nodal planes of inanimate optical systems.  The optical images produced are naturally formatted for the human visual system without need for digital processing.  Viewers will enjoy three dimensional visual landscapes projecting seamless hyper-real simulations and replications of an entire Human Visual Experience (HVE)TM without eyestrain or headache typical with conventional 3-D systems.

OcumeticsTM  Camera Optics can shift focus from optical infinity to very close range more rapidly than the perceptual limits of the human brain.  The result is super wide-field videos  that can change perspective or viewing distances without perceptible time delay.  This capability, in conjunction with the  geometric properties described above is essential for integrating digital visual information with real-world experiences. Bio-mechanical systems must operate using the same principles found in physiological systems if they are to work efficiently together.  

Headsets that simultaneously capture, export and project digital images are beginning to surface within the marketplace. It is expected that these attractive headsets, appearing much like sunglasses, will supplant television, portable computers and cellular phones requiring visual display monitors.

OcumeticsTM Camera Optics exhibit many advantages over fluid-optics that are modulated by electromagnetic induction; cost, response time, optical resolution, range of focus, image stabilization, energy consumption and lens aperture size being primary considerations.  The basic tenet is that prefabricated and precisely tuned optical interfaces achieve the best variable-focus optics.

Economy, durability and superb optical resolution make OcumeticsTM Camera Optics the perfect choice for these and many other twenty-first century applications.

OcumeticsTM Technology Corporation is an emphatic proponent of the Celebration of Sight, a collaboration of privately held enterprises whose mission is to preserve, restore and replicate natural eyesight.  The shared premise is that uncompromised vision is a privilege tantamount to a basic human right.  The Celebration of Sight Group of Companies has pledged to empower and mobilize the eyecare community with the tools to actualize this defining axiom.

The Celebration of Sight consists of three divisions each being chartered to strengthen professional autonomy, a proven prerequisite for exemplary patient care:

Celebration of Sight Agency is a privately funded professional development organization that supplements eyecare services and assists doctors in coping with factors that erode professional autonomy. Funding for the Agency is derived from business sectors that have no undisclosed involvement with medical decisions relating to eyecare.  

Celebration of Sight Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that provides unrestricted funding for universities and outreach projects. The Celebration of Sight Foundation functions in consultation with the Celebration of Sight Alliance described below.  Supplemental funding from the Agency has been reserved to mobilize the phenomenal talent pool found within the ranks of the Celebration of Sight Alliance for guidance and personal involvement.  

Celebration of Sight Alliance is an international network of eye doctors assembled to galvanize a new paradigm for healthcare delivery that may be extrapolated upon a broad scale. Government agencies are struggling to meet demands for healthcare, especially as advanced therapies and diagnostics emerge. Within the perplexities facing today’s healthcare systems, the Celebration of Sight could play a significant role to remedy a pervasive crisis.  

Entering upon professional advocacy, the Celebration of Sight has ushered in a new convention for healthcare consumers and the eyecare workforce whereby both parties receive enhanced value for their respective investments.

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Our Values

Vision is a cornerstone of daily life; perfect vision is one of life’s great pleasures.  The more we study the human visual system, the more appreciative we become for the incomprehensible mastery of its design.

Vision problems within our growing and maturing population are escalating.  Beyond forty five years of age, most people cope with visual disability of one form or another.  Liberating people by restoring the effortless performance of the youthful human eye is the lifeblood of our business.  For so many reasons, we at OcumeticsTM Technology Corporation believe that uncompromised vision is far more than a luxury.

We believe that the expression of the authentic Human Visual Experience (HVE)TM is equally important for the assimilation of digitized visual information.  Especially in today’s literary world, knowledge is power. Amidst the race to share and assimilate information, the stakes are growing unimaginably high.  We believe that people must work together utilizing the best tools possible if improved standards of living are to be achieved without overstepping our collective ecological footprint.  

In business, we believe that fundamental corporate values and policies should be clearly laid out with the assurance that consumer interests will be well served before business initiates.  OcumeticsTM Technology Corporation is very pleased to have been a part of the visionary process for the Celebration of Sight.  We remain confident that healthcare consumers and healthcare workers alike will share our sentiments as the full scope of the Celebration of Sight is revealed.

We are humbled by the immensity of the challenges that lie ahead yet remain inspired by the possibilities now materializing. We are convinced that adaptive optics will play a critical role in the sociological transformation in progress.

Who We Are

The OcumeticsTM Team consists of visual scientists and business leaders headed by the founder, Dr. Garth Webb.  OcumeticsTM Technology Corporation has implemented a conjoint business model that seeks to fortify professionalism in eyecare. Accordingly, the extended OcumeticsTM Team consists of professional groups and strategic corporate alliances.  

What We Do

All things vital to the preservation, restoration or replication of the authentic Human Visual ExperienceTM are germane to the interests of the Celebration of Sight Group of Companies.  OcumeticsTM Technology Corporation serves as the hub for all activity relating to optical devices and light modulation.

Irrefutably, investigations reveal that autonomous healthcare professionals provide the highest standards of healthcare. Consistent with this realization, OcumeticsTM Technology Corporation has established the Doctors Alliance to identify and promote the doctors providing trusted eyecare services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip people for the twenty-first century by changing the way in which they see and experience the world around them.

Info Update

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The Celebration of Sight Group of Companies has forged a business model that propagates upon a desire to empower professionals who remain dedicated to excellence in eyecare.  Proceeds garnered from the ophthalmic and communications sectors are re-invested by these affiliated companies to consolidate an economic fortification commissioned to strengthen the value position of this indispensable workforce.

The Doctors Alliance consists of two divisions, the Affinity Chapter and the Patron Chapter.  Doctors are at liberty to join either one or both chapters.  The Affinity Chapter is intended primarily for doctors providing non-surgical eyecare whereas the Patron Chapter is suited specifically for ophthalmic surgeons.

The Affinity Chapter supplements eyecare services and sponsors professional development initiatives to help doctors cope within an environment that has become progressively difficult to preserve professional doctrines.  Policies and resources orchestrated by the Celebration of Sight Group of Companies collimate upon individuals before extending regionally and eventually inter-nationally.

The Patron Chapter operates in parallel with the Affinity Chapter but focuses exclusively upon establishing preferred business arrangements for ophthalmic surgeons or doctors who provide working environments for ophthalmic surgeons.

To preserve the core values and integrity of the Doctors Alliance, candidacy is administered through an international delegation of Celebration of Sight Councillors representing ophthalmology and optometry. Through this network, candidacy is reserved for doctors noted for professional contribution and comprehensive patient care.

Membership is an asset that may be transferred with the consent of OcumeticsTM Technology Corporation. In the interest of preserving consistent and high quality patient care, OcumeticsTM Technology Corporation is pleased to assist with agreeable succession planning.

OcumeticsTM Technology Corporation encourages people who are considering OcumeticsTM lens technology to seek the best eyecare possible for preoperative, intra-operative, postoperative and continuing care. OcumeticsTM Bionic Lenses are marvelous devices but regardless of their capabilities, people will continue to require regular eye examinations to safeguard against diseases and degenerative changes that can rob them of the life-long performance they desire.

People, as a rule, are now living longer lives often outliving irreplaceable cell types within the eye.  Early detection, lifestyle management and contemporary treatment protocols are the tools required to ensure that these irreplaceable cell types receive the best chance possible for a prolonged life span.  The desired outcome, uncompromised vision throughout a lifetime, is dependent upon the availability of good professional care.  The Doctors link located on the Homepage above has been installed to bridge connection between consumers and professionals noted for trusted eyecare service.

Professional societies serve as advocates for professional groups; however, their effect is often limited by inadequate resources.  The disenfranchisement precipitating from this shortfall has become a travesty of growing proportions, particularly for healthcare professions.  The Doctors Alliance, in association with the Celebration of Sight, presents a resolve for a balance to preserve the virtues professionalism in eyecare.


OcumeticsTM Technology Corporation appreciates that there are potentially scores of doctors who lack only an authorized sponsor to complete the registration process to join the Doctors Alliance.  They are kindly advised to contact the OcumeticsTM head office to validate their eligibility.

OcumeticsTM Technology Corporation helps connect consumers with professionals who have been identified as trusted eyecare providers.  

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Questions pertaining to an individual’s suitability for lens replacement surgery are best answered by their eye doctor. Two links located on the Homepage, Medical Centres and Doctors, provide contact information for doctors who specialize in lens replacement procedures. They are familiar with OcumeticsTM lens technology and are the best source for accurate information. Data bases for the Medical Centres link will be activated as regulatory approval for the OcumeticsTM Bionic Lens approaches.

OcumeticsTM Technology Corporation has developed relations with media representatives to disseminate public information. The Info Update link located on the Homepage has been installed to consolidate this information and to provide more specific details relevant to the release of the OcumeticsTM  Bionic Lens and the uptake of OcumeticsTM  Camera Optics.

Current prices for OcumeticsTM  Supply Contracts for doctors are posted within the Guest Section. Discussions regarding OcumeticsTM Supply Contracts are best initiated by phone.      

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